Thank you for considering Denis Gray Trucking for your next job.  We are a small company that knows how to get the big jobs done. With our experience and resources we can meet your transportation needs and exceed your expectations.

Along with our fleet of regular flatbed we have lots of trailers configurations to meet your needs

The Best of Flatbed Trucking Companies Since 1977

"A small company that does big things"


Denis Gray

Trucking Inc.

Oversize Loads

When we transport over dimensional loads safety is job #1.  We have the experience and heavy haul equipment to get the job done safely and on time.

Large Project Coordination:  Do you have a large construction project?  We have helped many of the Northwest's largest construction companies with some of the biggest infrastructure and building jobs ever done.  We regularly do projects that include hundreds of truck loads.

Proudly serving the US and Canada with terminals in Tacoma, Wa


In House Carrier:  Tired of making bunch of calls just to find a truck?  Many of our customers have found us so easy to work with we end up being to only trucking company they use.  Once we are set up as your in house carrier just fax, email or call in your loads and we will take care of it within the specified time.

GPS Tracking:  All of our trucks are equipped with GPS tracking allowing us to know exactly where your shipment is at all times.